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Advanced Technology

Our patented cooling system is the lowest maintenance cooling system available. With significantly fewer moving parts than other cooling systems, our system requires significantly less maintenance and care.

COLDTUB™ products are packed with features not available on other cold water products. We are doing what they haven’t even started thinking about. Our cutting edge electronic platform opens a world of opportunities. Consider these optional features:

Remote Control
Our Free COLDTUB™ App allows you to control the functions of your COLDTUB™ product from your mobile device. Set the temperature, increase or decrease filtration cycles.
Internet connectivity allows COLDTUB™ products to be upgraded remotely when new technology is released. Our goal is to protect your investment by keeping it from obsolescence as long as possible. The functionality of your COLDTUB™ can grow seamlessly.
Safety Certified
Our products are all third party safety certified – The only ones in the industry.