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Short Skim Filter (Grey)
2012 and later Polar Pools / Icepods with Grey water line skimmer.
4 inches in height – 2 inch opening in top and bottom.
Price: $29.95

Short Skim Filter (Black)
2012 Polarpools Models only if equipped with a black waterline skimmer.
4 7/8 Outside Diameter
5 in height (including handle)
Closed top with handle.
Threaded nipple on bottom
Price: $29.95

Drop in Filter
Used on Polarpools prior to 2011
All IceKubes.
Drop-in style filter with openings top and bottom
4 7/8” outside diameter
13” in height
Price: $39.95

Thread In Depth Filter
Used on Polar Pool and Iceberg models after 2011
Price: $43.95

Sanitizer Cell
This sacrificial electrode need to be changed every 6 months.
Can be changed with water in tub or dry.
(See owners manual)
Price: $79.95

COLDTUB Cold Water Jump
coldt tub waterjump
953700 US
Use this to raise the Ph level of the tub water.
Price: $10.95

COLDTUB Cold Water Run Down – 2LB
cold tube water rundown
953701 US
Use this to reduce the Ph level of the tub water.
Price: $10.95

COLDTUB Cold Water Balance – 1.5LB
cold tub water balance
953702 US
Add this to the water if you find that the Ph level seems to bounce up and down on its own.
This will allow you to use Run Down or Jump to set your Ph level.
Price: $10.45

COLDTUB Cold Water Sanitizer – 1.5LB
953703 US
As your primary sanitizing system sanitizer should be used after every use. Use only approved sanitizers
in your cold tub product to maximize the life of your product.
Price: $19.95

COLDTUB Cold Water Bubble Remover – 16OZ
953704 US
A quick solution to water foaming issues typically caused by detergents, lotions, deodorants.
Price: $12.95

COLDTUB Cold Water Clear – 16OZ
953705 US
Helps reduce cloudiness associated with dissolved solids in the water of the over use of Cold Water Bubble Remover.
Price: $12.95

Cold Water Dead Sea Salt
Cold Tub Dead Sea Salt
Add calcium reduced Cold Sea Salt after each drain and fill to activate back-up
sanitizing system.
*** caution do not use any salts with additives such as iodine, cyanauric acid, calcium, or selenium.
Price: $19.95

Boost (stabilized concentrated dry granular chlorinating product).
Price: $29.95

Salt Test Strips
Salt Test Strips for testing salt levels.
Price: $24.95

Testing Strips
Quick and easy way to test your water before adding chemicals.
Price: $10.95

Chlorination Tablets
1′ Stabilized Concentrated Chlorinating Tablet.
Price: $29.95

ONZEN Natural Salt Water Care Sea Salt Blend A unique blend of natural Dead Sea Salt and proprietary water clarifiers designed…
Price: $19.95

Perfect Balance
Perfect Balance raises the total alkalinity of the spa water preventing any corrosion that could be caused by low alkalinity…
Price: $10.95

Wetsuit Jock
Prevents your junk from getting too cold while submersed in cold water. One size fits all… ;)
Price: $48.25

Wetsuit Toe Sock
Prevents your toes from getting too cold while submersed in cold water.
Price: $48.05

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