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Artie Poitras, Head Athletic Trainer, UMass Lowell

“The PolarPool™ is the most innovative hydrotherapy pool currently available. We had been looking for a plunge/cryotherapy pool for five years. The cost associated with demolition/construction was deterring us from adding this to our facility. The PolarPool™ provided the answer to our dilemma. With its ability to fit into a standard doorway and require no changes in either electrical service or plumbing, The PolarPool™ is now providing us with state of the art cold therapy.

I was amazed at ease of installation, it rolled from the truck into our facility in minutes. With The PolarPool™, we are able to provide our athletes with clean, cold therapy of a consistent temperature. No more draining, filling and adding ice. The PolarPool™, the best “bang for the buck” in cold therapy.

Artie Poitras
Head Athletic Trainer
UMass Lowell