COLDTUB™ is proud to have played even a small role in the Boston Bruins recent Stanley Cup win by pro

No doubt the Vancouver Canucks wish they had a COLDTUB™ in their training room, too.

As the Boston Bruins celebrate their Stanley Cup win, COLDTUB™ is proud to have had even a small part in that long-awaited victory. COLDTUB™’s flagship product, the PolarPool, was actually inspired by Boston Bruins Athletic Trainer Don DelNegro.

DelNegro was looking for a safer, cleaner alternative to traditional steel whirlpool tanks used for rehabilitation when athletes are injured and sore after a game or practice. COLDTUB™’s designers caught his vision and the PolarPool ice bath was born.

Since that time, COLDTUB™ has exploded onto the athletic scene and these safe, sanitary ice baths can now be found in the training rooms of dozens of professional and college level teams across several sports.

Besides the Stanley Cup winning Boston Bruins hockey club, COLDTUB™ is also used by the NHL’s San Jose Sharks and Atlanta Thrashers, who will no doubt be taking their PolarPool with them to Winnipeg when the franchise relocates in the fall.

What makes COLDTUB™ so great is that it doesn’t require hauling tons of ice, the temperature can be set as low as 40ºF or warmed up to 104ºF at the touch of a button and it is 100% self-cleaning! COLDTUB™ uses a combination of ozone, salt water chlorination, mechanical filtration, antibacterial coating and built-in sanitizer measurement to keep the tub water clean and filtered, even when it’s being used by several athletes at once. Bacteria, such as Methicilin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), are immediately neutralized by COLDTUB™’s water treatment system.

PolarPool does not have to be drained and cleaned every day like traditional steel tubs. The temperature remains consistent and it can be safely and comfortably used by several athletes at one time.

Athletic trainers say COLDTUB™ saves them so much time that used to be wasted filling, draining and cleaning steel tubs and hauling ice. Not to mention steel tubs can only be used by one athlete at a time and then cleaned after every use!

COLDTUB™ is totally self-contained, portable and compact enough to fit through a standard doorway. It even plugs into a regular electric socket!

Athletes are commonly subjected to cold water immersion as a way to help them with injury recovery after games and practices. Cold water therapy reduces pain and speeds healing, moving athletes off the injured list and back onto the playing roster faster.

PolarPool is effective for hockey players, football players, runners, pretty much anyone who works their muscles to the point of pain could benefit from the healing effects of an ice bath. COLDTUB™ just happens to offer the best ice bath on the market today.

Don DelNegro says COLDTUB™ has definitely filled a void in the athletic training world.

“Cryotherapy plunges have been a part of an athletes’ recovery process for centuries. But, now thanks to The PolarPool™ it is quick, convenient, inexpensive and, more importantly, bacteria free …

“We could not be more happy with the results we have seen in our players and the team’s success.”

So while COLDTUB™ can’t take all the credit for bringing the Stanley Cup to Boston after 39 long years … well, the Vancouver Canucks don’t use COLDTUB™ and they don’t have much to celebrate these days, do they?