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Go Global with smart phone apps for Cold Tub

Take your Polarpool to the next level with a Global Spa Component that connects your cold tub to the Internet for real time temperature monitoring, filtration control, downloadable upgrades, interactive troubleshooting and so much more!   Polarpool is the must-have piece of equipment for every professional and college level sports team – it helps athletes recover faster from muscle injuries,… Read more →

Cold Tub Videos

Watch and listen as Cold Tub users talk about the benefits of cryotherapy and tell you in their own words why they would never want to give up their Cold Tub.

Shawn Porter using Coldtub!
















Why you should use ice baths after every workout

For years, professional trainers and sports medicine specialists have used cold tubs to provide ice bath therapy for elite athletes of all sports. They know using ice bathes as part of the everyday training program helps speed up the natural recovery process; this allows the athlete to safely train every day, while helping to avoid sports injuries. Taking an ice… Read more →

New Ice Bath Alternative Being Used By Professional and College Sports Teams

While it is agreed that ice baths, or cold therapy, is crucial to keeping professional athletes in peak performance, the way to deliver cold-water therapy to multiple athletes, in a cost effective, sanitary, timely manner has become an issue for many Professional Athletic Trainers. Providing cold therapy to multiple athletes at once requires an incredible amount of staff hours to… Read more →

Ice Baths: Benefits of Taking Ice Baths

If you’ve been dipping your toe into the idea of trying an ice bath, or wondering why ice baths should be included in your recovery program, here are a few ice bath benefits that will surely convince you to take the plunge! 1. Ice Baths Reduce Pain After Workouts The number one reason why ice baths are used by both… Read more →

Avoid Training Injuries

Ice Baths 101 Professional athletes from many major sports leagues (NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, UFC) have been quoted saying they use ice baths as a part of their regular training program. But why exactly do they subject themselves to freezing water? What’s the benefit? This guide has been designed to answer common questions athletes and weightlifters have about ice bath… Read more →

Ice bath vs. Cold Tub

Ever since the benefits of using ice bathes for recovery and reduction of sports injuries was discovered, people, whose job it is to keep athletes healthy, have lugged ice and water to cumbersome steel whirlpools. Draining, disinfecting, and refilling, several times a day. A tiresome, but crucial part of the sports training process. An innovative ice bath alternative is simplifying… Read more →

How to Avoid Injuries while Exercising

Training Tips: Weightlifters, athletes, and those seeking to lose weight all of one thing in common – the desire to get results fast. Working out regularly is a key element of a serious workout program. However, if your muscles haven’t fully recovered between work-out sessions, you may not be able to put in the grueling work-out you planned. You also… Read more →

Why Do Ice Baths Work?

Every time you train strenuously, regardless if you are lifting weights, playing tennis, or running, you cause tiny, microscopic tears to your muscles. When these tears occurs to soft tissue, capillaries and blood vessels tear, muscle and soft tissue cells may rupture. This triggers the body’s response to injury, the inflammatory response. It is the bodies attempt to isolate the… Read more →