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Springfield College Coldtub Success

Cold Water Works Dear Coldtub, I have been looking for a cold therapy pool that would meet our facility space needs and be large enough for multiple student-athletes to use.  Your polar pool has been great.  We’ve seen improved recovery rates in our student-athletes from practice and competition when they use the polar pool.  We can fit 6 student-athletes in… Read more →

Ice Bath 2.0

Traditional Steel Whirlpools Are Becoming Extinct Cold Tub brand ice baths are turning traditional steel whirlpools into ball caddies and cutlery. Ice Bath 2.0 is here. This is a real photo of a traditional steel whirlpool/ice bath from a middle school in Peabody, MA. Obviously, their time has passed, and new technologies have made them extinct. The days of… Read more →

Keeping the Boston Bruins Healthy

Their New – Very Cold – Secret Weapon Against Injuries The use of ice baths has typically been limited by health and safety issues, as well as the logistics of transporting hundreds of pounds of ice. However, the Boston Bruins have overcome these challenges using an innovative new cold tub system called The PolarPool. Cold water immersion is a common… Read more →

Training Tips

How to Avoid Injuries while Exercising Weightlifters, athletes, and those seeking to lose weight all of one thing in common – the desire to get results fast. Working out regularly is a key element of a serious workout program. However, if your muscles haven’t fully recovered between work-out sessions, you may not be able to put in the grueling work-out… Read more →

Ice Baths, Steel Whirlpools

or Cold Tubs? Ice baths are routinely used by sports trainers, medical professionals, and fitness clubs. However, organizations that need to deliver hydrotherapy to a large number of people each day struggle with the current options on the market. Conventional steel whirlpools and old fashion ice baths are impractical for treating dozens of people a day due to their high… Read more →

Why You Should Always Take an Ice Bath

After Exercising It doesn’t matter what your game is; if you love it, you are dedicated and you are training hard to be better at it. However, if you want to keep training, you have to take steps to avoid sports injuries. A carefully planned training program will come to a screeching halt if you haven’t included a sensible recovery… Read more →

College Sports

Teams Using Ice Baths to Prevent Sports Injuries College athletic directors, coaches, and trainers are discovering an alternative method to deliver ice bath therapy, while still preventing sport injuries and increasing the number of practices and games their athletes are healthy for, Cold Tubs. Springfield Colleges’ Director of Athletic Training Services, Barclay Dugger (MEd, ATC, LAT) noted one of the… Read more →