COLDTUB™ of Lynfield MA is pleased to announce their next product offering; The Ice Kube.

The Ice Kube is a self contained pump, filter and chilling unit that can be hooked up to any cold water tank and can maintain water as low as 40 F without the necessity of filling, draining and cleaning on a daily basis.

The Ice Kube is capable of saving tens of thousands of gallons of water as well as hundreds of man hours each year by staying full clean and cold.

The Ice Kube has some interesting features such as its own WIFI connection, the ability to control with a smart phone and lockable controls so as to not have different users changing settings.

“We hope to get all those old stainless steel tanks back in use for cold water therapy rather than storage bins” says Scott Burt, VP Sales

“The trainers love our products because they provide safe and easy cold water and allow the trainers to work with their athletes rather than filling, draining, cleaning and packing ice all day”

The Ice Kube now accompanies the original Polar Pool and the Iceberg, as COLDTUB™ continues to try and make “gettin into cold water” easy.

The original Polar Pool found a niche by providing a multiple user tub that fits through a standard doorway and plugs into 110 Volts. “Multiple user cold tubs of the past were always a construction project.” says Burt.

The Iceberg is a huge yet portable, (if needed) cold tank that can accommodate the entire team.

Cold water continues to gain popularity with trainers and athletes, as a means for quicker recovery and enhanced performance.