Without a doubt the “The PolarPool™” has filled a void in the Athletic Training world that has been missing for years. Cryotherapy plunges have been a part of an athletes’ recovery process for centuries. But, now thanks to The PolarPool™ it is a quick, conveinent, inexpensive and more importantly bacteria free modality.

Since the onset of MRSA in the athletic environment, the cold whirlpool/tub has always been a high risk area for infection and disease. The PolarPool™ has helped solve that problem with its multilayer level of protection against bacteria and germs. Since we got our PolarPool™ there is no more cleaning, disinfecting, filling, and transporting hundreds of pounds of ice into the Athletic Training room everyday to prepare a cold whirlpool. Saving me time to do the more important details of my job.

We now have more than half our team taking cold plunges as part of their recovery program and utilizing its benefits daily. We could not be more happy with the results we have seen in our players and the teams’ success. I would highly recommend anyone still using Steel Whirlpools for cold water therapy to investigate the benefits of The PolarPool™.

Don DelNegro, MS, ATC (L), CSCS
Head Athletic Trainer
Boston Bruins