If you’ve been dipping your toe into the idea of trying an ice bath, or wondering why ice baths should be included in your recovery program, here are a few ice bath benefits that will surely convince you to take the plunge!

1. Ice Baths Reduce Pain After Workouts

The number one reason why ice baths are used by both professional and sports enthusiasts, is because it prevents the pain and swelling that used to be thought of as part of an active lifestyle. If your motto is still, “pain is gain”, you have been misinformed. Working out and living active should not hurt. Taking an ice bath after your workout helps your muscles heal and reduces the pain you’ll feel over the next few days.

2. Faster Muscle Recovery

Another, much adored, ice bath benefit is you are able to work out or train more often than without using ice baths. By reducing pain and stiffness, you can increase the number of times you work out each week.

The days you usually spend waiting for recovery, or just to feel “normal” again, are reduced by taking an ice bath. This allows you to safely add more workouts to your weekly training plan. More workouts, of course, bring quicker results.

3. Ice Baths Protect Against Workout Injuries

Sports medicine professionals believe another ice bath benefit is that it can reduce or prevent overuse injuries. It is accepted theory that working out can cause stress and strains on muscles, joints, and supporting tissues.

Ice baths promote circulation to muscles and supporting tissues, it flushes out lactic acid and reduces inflammation. Two of the main culprits seen in overuse injuries such as tendonitis.

Athletes at all levels want to avoid overuse injuries at all costs, and that is why ice baths should be part of any sports recovery plan.

4. Secret of the Masters

If you are now in the “masters” age group for your sport, first congratulations! While many of your peers are slipping into comfy slippers, you’re just lacing up! However, to keep your active lifestyle at its peak, it is important to include a bit more care in your workout routine and recovery plan.

Muscles, bones, and tissue respond wonderfully to exercise, but need a little more care to recover. Recovery naturally takes a little longer. This is why ice bath benefits seen by older athletes are even more impressive. You will see all of the same ice bath benefits as your younger counterparts. Isn’t it sweet, still keeping up with the kids? Shhhh…don’t tell the kids about the ice baths!

More workouts, quicker results, without pain and stiffness! Keeping injury free and active for as long as you choose! These are only a few of the benefits of ice baths and why ice baths should be part of every ones’ sports recovery plan.

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