Their New – Very Cold – Secret Weapon Against Injuries

The use of ice baths has typically been limited by health and safety issues, as well as the logistics of transporting hundreds of pounds of ice. However, the Boston Bruins have overcome these challenges using an innovative new cold tub system called The PolarPool.

Cold water immersion is a common injury recovery method used by professional athletes. Cold water therapy shortens recovery time, reduces pain caused by injuries, and speeds-up healing.

Cold water therapy directly reduces the number of games and practices missed by key players. The decrease in athlete downtime results in more training, more playing, and ultimately more winning.

According to Don Del Negro, head athletic trainer for the Boston Bruins hockey team, the PolarPool allows more of his players to realize the benefits of cold water therapy with less risk and a shorter set up time.

“We now have more than half our team taking cold plunges as part of their recovery program and utilizing its benefits daily. We could not be more happy with the results we have seen in our players and the teams’ success.” -Don DelNegro, MS, ATC (L), CSCS

The PolarPool enables the Boston Bruins to use ice baths on a regular basis – an option that can be a logistical nightmare for organizations using conventional ice baths or Steel Whirlpools

“Since we got our PolarPool™ there is no more cleaning, disinfecting, filling, and transporting hundreds of pounds of ice into the Athletic Training room everyday to prepare a cold whirlpool. Saving me time to do the more important details of my job”, says Don DelNegro.

The PolarPool requires no ice, fits through a standard doorway, and plugs into a normal 110V wall socket. The cooling unit is completely built-in, and is built based on the same technology used to cool large computer server rooms.

These advantages over conventional ice baths and Steel Whirlpools are helping professional sports teams such as the Boston Bruins, San Jose Sharks, and Atlanta Thrashers deliver regular cold water hydrotherapy treatment to their players on a scale that has never been possible before.

The PolarPool isn’t just reserved for the big leagues. College teams across the country are upgrading their ice baths and steel whirlpools to take advantage of the long-term cost savings the PolarPool offers.

Many teams recover the cost of these ice bath replacements within 6 months. Trainers spend less time hauling ice, and have more time to focus on the more important details of their job. Teams spend less money on water and electric bills by eliminating the need to constantly run ice machines.