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All the basics which you find in the POLARPOOL® Stretch IT and every feature that we can add to it. This unit comes complete with micropure filtration, Bioloc construction, for ease of maintenance. For energy efficiency it includes our insulated hard cover. From 2018 on it also includes Coldtub Pal.



  • Electrical requirement is 110Volt dedicated 15amp circuit for each unit.
  • The Coldtub comes with a 6′ GFCI cord and male plug.
  • No plumbing is required. The Coldtub can be filled and drained with a garden hose.
  • Filters with Silver Sentinel threaded water filter that can be replaced while water is in the tub.
  • Salt water sanitizer system maintains Chlorine levels
  • Wifi extender installed to run the Coldtub app
  • Capable of connecting tub to and controlling the tub from internet.
  • Preferred would be ethernet cable ran to the Coldtub. This feature will require you to disable ping blocks from the port that the Coldtub is connected through.
  • Underwater light.
  • Therapy Jets.
  • 1000Watt heater

Optional Features

  • Sound Wave Therapy – You can Bluetooth music through the Transducers but most important play “Sonic Massage” that can be downloaded
    from the Coldtub website and played through the water giving you the advantage.