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Paul Ferris, Portroe GAA, Tipperary comments on the Coldtub and Ducks

gaa-logoThe lads have taken to the Icepod like ducks to water  – every training session there’s always a queue.

We had one player pull his hamstring and spent a few evenings in the pod and now swears by it.

I personally pulled my back swinging a shovel and headed to the pod for a few sessions – (3mins @  6’)  – you can almost feel the blood vessels contract but did that for a few evenings and muscle pain was gone within a few days.

Its proven to be a great addition to the training/recovery process of players and even a “has been” like myself J

If you need to let clubs know where to come to look at the icepod in operation you can have them contact me.

Paul Ferris
Portroe GAA