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The Icepod Bathtub Retrofit: A Cold Therapy Renovation

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

The Icepod Bathtub Retrofit is a bathroom renovator’s dream! This easy-to-install tub is perfect for anyone looking for a way to incorporate a COLDTUB™ into their bathroom renovation.

Size At a standard ice tub size of 5′ x 2′ x 3′, this ice bath holds 80 gallons of water and seats 1 person. Designed for bathroom renovations, now you can have your very own cold therapy tub in your bathroom! Installation As this is a smaller model the Icepod Bathtub Retrofit fits through standard-sized doorways and plugs into standard outlets. Think of this model as an appliance that slides in and out of place, and can be installed and removed with ease. Features With so many features, you’ll wonder why you never installed the Icepod Retrofit Bathtub sooner to aid in your active recovery! This small but mighty ice tub does not require any plumbing and can be filled with a standard garden hose.

  • A 10sq’ water filter makes filtering easy and can even be replaced while water is in the tub.

  • Maintain chlorine levels with ease with a salt water sanitizer system.

  • An underwater light shines to illuminate your Plunge!

Relaxing in the privacy of your own bathroom is made even better with therapy Jets. What regular bathtub do you know of has that?

With the free COLDTUB™ app, you can connect your tub to the internet and control your tub through the internet. This also includes the ability to control your retrofit tub from your smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world. Adjust your temperatures, turn your lights on or off, and even check your sanitizer and PH levels.

Control your new cold bath from anywhere by connecting to from the internet.

With a 1000W heater, you can enjoy the heat of a hot tub during colder months, or when you just want a relaxing hot tub experience.


If you’d like to enhance your ice bath at home even further, you have the option to!

Sound wave therapy allows you to play music through bluetooth and even use “sonic massage” that can be downloaded from the COLDTUB™ website. This special equipment along with vibro-acoustic audio tracks delivers a special ice massage effect enhancing any post-workout routine!

Saving space is a breeze when you have the option of a taping table. This COLDTUB™ cover can lock into a reclined position to comfort any athlete while enjoying their post-workout recovery.

At COLDTUB™ we want to ensure that every and any athlete has access to cold therapy and all of the benefits. This is why we made the Icepod Bathtub Retrofit, so whether you’re an extreme athlete or a marathon hobbyist – you can rest assured you’ll reap the benefits!

Wondering what some of the benefits of cold water therapy are? Check out our blog on the “5 Benefits of Cold Water Therapy“.

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