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The Icepod is our individual model which can be used in any environment, institution or home. Your COLDTUB™ is now ready for your own personal use. The Icepod comes with everything a pro-trainer would want, including COLDTUB™ Pal. All of our tubs plug into a Standard 110v wall outlet, fit through a Standard doorway, are filled up with a garden hose, and have temperature ranges from 42º – 104ºF.


Tip: Get two Icepods and use one cold and one hot for contrast bath therapy.

Warranty Options
Panel Choices
  • Weight

    181 kg / 400 LBS


    408 kg / 900 LBS

  • Water Capacity

    60 Gal / 227 L

  • Measurements

    (Length x Width x Height)

    60 in x 30 in x 42 in

  • Power

    Volts: 110


    Watts: 1300

  • People

    Seats: 1


    Capacity: 1

SHipping INformation:

Shipping/Delivery Costs are included in our pro packages. They are not included with our custom build shop. Custom Build Shop is a flat rate of $1,000 for shipping

Curbside Freight Delivery: 

What To Expect: Your COLDTUB™ will arrive in a crate at your driveway
Unboxing: You'll need a power drill and a square head (Robertson) #2 Bit
Placement: You will want to have a dolly and a few strong bodies to move crate from driveway to desired location.


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The Coldtub™ difference