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Why you should use ice baths after every workout

For years, professional trainers and sports medicine specialists have used cold tubs to provide ice bath therapy for elite athletes of all sports. They know using ice bathes as part of the everyday training program helps speed up the natural recovery process; this allows the athlete to safely train every day, while helping to avoid sports injuries.

Taking an ice bath after every workout will work just as well for you, too. Using the same techniques as professional athletes will get you back to the gym quicker, meaning you can cram in more workouts without causing the soreness and stiffness usually seen with over-use. More workouts mean bulking up quicker, becoming stronger. Not to mention the sharper muscle definition, from all the calories you burn up! By finishing off your workout with a ten-minute ice bath, you are able to increase the amount of weekly workouts you put in. You will see an increase in the actual weight you’re lifting, because muscle bulks up quicker, to keep up with the increased demands. Ice bathes also revive hard worked muscles; you are not as tired, sore or stiff after a workout. You’re able to meet the rest of the day’s demands feeling energized and sharp. Forget about any soreness the next day… ice bathes get rid of that, too.

Simply put, using ice bathes after every workout will:

  • Help you bulk up quicker
  • See cut and definition quicker
  • Become stronger
  • Reduce sore and stiff muscles, allowing more workouts
  • Refresh tired muscles
  • Revitalize and restore your energy levels

More and more gyms are installing cold tubs for members. Using your gym’s cold tub is not only a nice way to end a tough workout, but while you’re chatting up fellow members, you are maximizing the ice bath benefits, because you are cooling off your muscles immediately, before stiffness and pain have time to set in

Although best when used immediately after a workout, if your gym does not have a cold tub yet, your bathtub can do the trick.

Simply fill your tub with cool water and a few bags of ice. Now the hard part, ease your body into the ice water, stay there, for 10 minutes. It helps to bring reading material or some other diversion with you, to take your mind off how cold the water is. (another benefit of using the cold tub at your gym!) Hang tough for the first few minutes, as your body cools down, the water won’t feel quite as cold. Ten minutes is usually enough time, but, never over 15 minutes. Try it once, and you will understand why the pros have used this trick for years.

Take the plunge and reap professional results.