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  • How often do I have to change my water?
    We recommend you change your water once every 6-12 months. For commercial use closer to 6 months (Up to 100 Athletes Per Day) and for residential use closer to 12 months (1-15 Athletes Per Day)
  • What is the lead time for your Coldtubs?
    Our lead times are currently 2-4 weeks for standard black panels or 4-6 weeks for custom wrap w/ custom logo!
  • What temperature do your Coldtubs go to?
    All of our models go 42-104°F
  • How often should I change my filter?
    We recommend you change your filter once every 3-6 months. For commercial use closer to once every 3 months (Up to 100 Athletes Per Day) and for residential use closer to once every 6 months (1-15 Athletes Per Day)
  • Can I put this tub in a commercial environment?
    Yes. COLDTUB™ started as a company 15+ Years ago with the NHL team the Boston Bruins. We have engineered a product made for 100s of athletes per day. We are the only UL Safety Certified by TUV standards product on the market. We are also in commercial recovery centers/gyms, college and pro athletic training rooms worldwide! We guarantee a safe, cold and sanitized experience for every single user NO MATTER THE AMOUNT OF USE!
  • What is the filtration and sanitation process?
    This is what makes COLDTUB™ the best. Each unit has microfiltration, Dead Sea Salt sanitation technology. This is what we call Coldtub Pal. Coldtub Pal is cutting edge technology that allows us to not only use a cleaner, safer, solution of Dead Sea Salt but also use 1/10 of the sanitizer any of our competitors use to keep water clean and safe. We remove the need for human interaction completely and by doing this our readings and adjustments of water chemistry are 100% accurate. You will add Dead Sea Salt and balance the PH level during initial water setup and will leave it to Coldtub Pal from there. You can also MONITOR AND CONTROL your Coldtub and Coldtub Pal anywhere in the world with WiFi access through our app “Coldtub” which is on the App Store.
  • Can I customize my Coldtub?
    Yes, our panel choices are custom wrap with custom logo, cedar, stone, or standard black panels. Your salesman will take your choice after your deposit or financing approval!
  • What material is the tub made of?
    Not only are we 100% Manufactured in the USA but our Biolac Vacuum Formed Acrylic is the best of the best. This material deflects bacteria better than any other on the market.
  • How can I buy more sanitation supplies after my initial starter kit runs out(included in price)?
    Our Sanitation Supplies store online has all of our necessary sanitizers and also parts, filters and accessories if and when needed for replacement!
  • What other maintenance will be needed on the tub?
    Other than filter and water use. The sanitizer cell will have a 1-3 year life span. All of our parts are easily replaced! You will simply buy another directly from our Supplies store and replace it with the help of our real people tech support!
  • Is this curbside delivery?
    Yes. We deliver our tubs curbside in a crate on a pallet. Watch our video here to see what you should expect on day of delivery
  • What are the electrical/plumbing requirements?
    There are no plumbing or electrical requirements. All our Coldtubs plug into a Standard 110V 20Amp outlet, fit through a standard doorway, and are filled up with a garden hose! Each unit is supplied with a plug in cord with built in GFCI protection. The actual maximum amperage draw is 11.9Amps.
  • What makes the units run differently for commercial applications versus residential?
    These tubs were made for commercial environments(for 100s of Athletes per day) to hold temperature and guarantee a safe, sanitized experience for every single user. Not only are we the only UL Safety Certified by TUV Standards tub on the market but you can also control your hours of microfiltration per day and levels of sanitizer to increase or decrease depending on usage. We have special control features like Dealer or Franchisee Control where you can log all of your coldtubs into and MONITOR AND CONTROL the temperature, sanitation levels, sanitizer cell life, hours of microfiltration per day, need for filter change, and much more of every tub at each location. All at your fingertips through our COLDTUBTM app or on This Coldtub will exceed your every expectation from a performance point of view!
  • What do your tubs do for the “Thermal Barrier”?
    Each tub has a certain amount of jets with their sole purpose to create friction in the water so the water CAN’T rest up on your skin.
  • How long is the warranty of the tub?
    7 years on the shell of the tub. 2 years on every part. We proudly offer the longest warranty on the shell of our tubs on the market.
  • Where are the tubs made?
    We are 100% Manufactured in the USA
  • Can I put the tub outside in the winter/summer?
    Yes. Our tubs were designed for the harshest climates hot or cold. You can place your Coldtub in an Arizona desert or a Canadian Winter with no stress or worries!
  • What is the flow rate during use?
    65 gallons per minute
  • How do I adjust temperature?
    You can adjust the temperature of your Coldtub on the top control panel or through the Coldtub app/ anywhere in the world w/ WiFi.
  • How much energy do COLDTUBS use?
    Approximately 50 cents per day in a commercial-use environment. About $15-$20 per month.
  • Do I need professional help to install my COLDTUB™?
    No. We recommend a team of 3-6 people to help remove the crate and place the tub in its permanent location. For the PolarPool®, Icebox, and Polar Plunge you will need a forklift (because the units are too large for a liftgate) or have us arrange for a service to come with one. You can also talk to your salesman about our White Glove service!
  • Can I install my COLDTUB™ on an upper floor?
    Yes. We provide all of our tubs weight per square foot (in our manual and in your Pre-Delivery email) which must not exceed the structure’s rated capacity, or serious structural damage could result. Always put your tub on a structurally sound, level surface. A filled tub can weigh a great deal. Make certain that the location you choose can support the weight of your tub.
  • How much does delivery/shipping cost?
    Our Pro Package prices are all inclusive so they already include shipping/delivery costs! Delivery/shipping is $1,000 flat rate for our Custom Build Shop.
  • How do I contact customer support?
    Through the Contact Us page on our website, at, or directly at 877-882-1965. We have real people tech support.
  • What happens if a part stops working?
    We offer a 2 year warranty on all parts. Each part is easily replaced and can be ordered directly from our Sanitation Supplies Store. We also have tech support who are available 24/7.
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