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Why Would I Buy The Pro Package?

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Chiller & Heater


a step

1-Year Supplies

Free Shipping

1 Micron filtration

coldtub pal

coldtub app

no tax

a cover

Pro Package Includes : Free Delivery/Shipping, Any Panel Choice(Custom Wrap w/ Custom Logo, Cedar, Stone, Standard Black), Mylovac ATSM Safety Rated Cover, Entry Step, 1 Years Worth of Supplies, Long Term Warranty(7 year on shell, 2 years on all parts), Remote Tub Monitoring from our world-class engineers(Will check for errors before you even notice them), FastFreeze Cooling and Heating system, Coldtub pal, Automatic Salt/Ozone Water Sanitation system, 1 micron microfiltration system, Coldtub app Linux connection(control and monitor anywhere in world w/ wifi), GFCI component

The Pro Package Includes :

Pro Package is valued $1,000 more than what we list them for. If you custom build your tub with all the same features as our pro packages's it will cost $1,000 more. We created a stress-free, all inclusive, one great price option with our pro packages.

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The Coldtub™ difference