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Is It Ok To Cold Plunge Everyday?

The answer is yes. It is OK to cold plunge everyday. In fact this is a practice that should be done consistently to truly see/feel the benefits. We do recommend getting used to the concept of a freezing plunge by testing out a cold shower. Even just tacking on a few initial seconds of cold to the beginning or end of your daily rinse can help you acclimate to the frigid temperatures of a cold plunge. Additionally, consult a healthcare provider before you begin, especially if you have existing health conditions. By following these best practices, you can ensure your cold tub therapy is both safe and effective.

Once acclimated, we recommend working your way to 1-2 minutes per day. Working your way down in temperature and duration is necessary to maintain safe protocols.

Some Science Behind The Cold

Chris Minson, a professor of human physiology at the University of Oregon, conducts research on thermoregulation—the impact that extreme heat and cold have on the body. While most of his studies focus on the benefits of heat, he says there’s some evidence that a euphoric feeling may follow an acute cold immersion. However, he says more research needs to be conducted on the topic in order to find out more about how long these feelings can last and the mechanisms behind them.

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