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The Original Coldtub™

Our Tubs just got better...

- Added Ozone System to supplement our automated sanitation system for even cleaner water

- Dual Sanitizer cells in larger models(Polarpool, Icebox, Polarplunge)

- Thicker Panels For Increased Durability and weatherproofing

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The Coldtub™ difference

All models

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OUr Salesteam is available 24/7

Guarenteed Faster than our competition

Start Your Journey!

Starting at $11,900

Or just $285/mo

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Copy of COLdtub™ (15).png

- temperature,

jets, lights

Copy of COLdtub™ (18).png

- sanitation levels

- boost for 30 mins

- low, med, high

Copy of COLdtub™ (17).png

- hours of micro


per day

Copy of COLdtub™ (16).png

- energy levels

Monitor & control anywhere in world w/ wifi

Coldtub App

Our Customers