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Our story

COLDTUB™ designs and manufactures cold water therapy products (aka cryotherapy, cold water immersion, balneotherapy, hydrotherapy). Our flagship product, the POLARPOOL® COLDTUB™ was inspired by Don DelNegro, head Athletic Trainer for the Boston Bruins hockey team, as he searched for a better alternative to common steel whirlpools for his athletes. Don, like many other trainers, was concerned about the safety, sanitization, size, chemical maintenance, and set up time required by traditional cold water tanks. Our paths crossed and visions joined to create the solution. The POLARPOOL® COLDTUB™ was created and has now exploded onto the professional and collegiate athletic training scene. Since the Boston Bruins hockey team purchased the first POLARPOOL® COLDTUB™, many other organizations have followed suit; the San Jose Sharks, the University of Florida Gators, Yale hockey, Penn State hockey, Bowdoin College, the Universtiy of Massachusetts, Utah State University, the Winnipeg Jets, the University of Portland, Springfield College, Gustavus Adolphus College, the Rochester Institute of Technology, University of Worcester, Ajax FC and more every day.

As a response to many requests for larger, smaller and more portable units we have added the Icekube, the Icepod, the POLARPOOL® Stretch, the Icebox, and the Iceberg to our line-up. COLDTUB™ has a unit for almost every application.  The incredible benefits can be realized by anybody who seeks a high level of physical performance, faster recovery, and rapid rehabilitation. So far, professional sport teams, college sport departments, physical therapists, sports medicine facilities, hospital-based rehab clinics, military, individuals, and training facilities are utilizing COLDTUB™ cold water products. The extremely compact size and portability make it suitable for even recreational athletes who simply want to recover rapidly from their sport so they can get back out there doing what they love, faster, healthier, and with less pain. From our humble beginnings, COLDTUB™ has grown into the worlds largest supplier of cold water therapy units. Distributed in 36 countries with offices in Massachusetts and Midlands, England, our size, and made in America ingenuity, allows us to achieve economies of scale which make COLDTUB™ an affordable option for any application.

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