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How Does An Ice Bath Speed Up Recovery After A Workout?

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Did you know that an ice bath or COLDTUB™ uses cold therapy to speed up your recovery after your workout? Taking a dip in an ice plunge tub can help with inflammation and pain and improve your sports performance. You will also learn about contrast therapy and ultimately understand how an ice bath can speed up your recovery after a workout.Lower Inflammation & Pain

Taking a dip in a cold tub reduces inflammation and pain by increasing circulation to your tissue and muscles. Whether you are training for a marathon, or you’re a generally active person, COLDTUB™ can be of benefit to you.

The benefit of taking a cold plunge is that it constricts your blood vessels allowing your body to flush out lactic acid from your affected tissues. Cold therapy or “cryotherapy” works to soothe your overworked and hot muscles by delivering cold to your body. The cooling effect of the icy dip will relieve you, especially when used immediately after a workout.

Improve Sport Performance

The adrenaline rush you get when you jump into cold water has a positive effect on your central nervous system. It is due to this fact that this may increase your reaction time as well as your endurance during future workouts.

Using cold water immersion as a form of sports medicine also helps to reduce the swelling in your muscles and tissue breakdown, so you can heal faster and get back to training! The use of cold therapy has been around for decades helping athletes with injuries and also becoming a form of team comradery. Many athletes say jumping into that cold tub and feeling that iced adrenaline rush brings them a sense of closeness with their teammates.

Hot tip: If you have an event or intense workout coming up, and it’s hot outside, taking an icy dip before an activity may improve your performance by keeping you cool beforehand!

Contrast Therapy

What is contrast therapy? It is the process of alternating between a hot and cold bath. If you prefer to alternate and use this method, the good news is you can set the temperature on your COLDTUB™ so even a hot bath is possible!

After your cold exposure, you can use this type of therapy to reduce your active recovery time and enjoy a soothing hot bath. Cold therapy has been around since the 1880-1890s so it’s no wonder why this is a tried, tested and ultimately scientifically based method to enhance your athletic abilities.

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