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The Iceberg: Our Biggest Model of all!

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

The Iceberg is COLDTUB™️’s biggest model of all and is perfect for an entire team after a sports session for recovery, or if you’ve got a large group that requires cold water therapy. Elevate your athletic abilities with the Iceberg, because we all know: Winning is cool!

Size As our largest model, you won’t need to worry about fitting everyone with the Iceberg. At an astonishing size of 14’x8x4’ (Length x width x height), this beast has the capacity to fit up to 20 people! Due to the large size of the Iceberg, this model does not fit through a standard doorway, which makes it the perfect addition to your training field or backyard.

Installation As the Iceberg does not fit through a standard doorway, this model requires a 220-volt plug in, and a bit more detail than our other models. For a detailed description on how to install the Iceberg please see our easy to follow Iceberg installation and operation instructional videos.


With plenty of fantastic features, the Iceberg will become your favorite new addition to your athletic team’s recovery!

  • With no plumbing required, all you need to fill and drain the Iceberg is a garden hose.

  • A large capacity filter with a 60sq’ water filter means that water can easily be replaced while water is still in the tub, no draining required!

  • Sanitization is made easy with the salt water sanitization system which automatically maintains sanitization levels.

  • Complete with Therapy Jets, the Iceberg will keep any athlete happy and recovered after those long training sessions!

  • Controlling the Iceberg can easily be done with the topside control panel or through the free COLDTUB™ app. Connect your tub to the internet and then you’re able to control it on your smartphone from anywhere in the world! Adjust the temperature, turn on light & jets and even see what your sanitizer and pH levels are!

  • COLDTUB™ pal is an automated salt water system that helps keep your sanitizer levels in check, so you don’t have to constantly be measuring different chemicals or draining your tub. Salt water is much better for you than other commonly used sanitizers such as chlorine.

  • The Iceberg has precise temperature control and a 5000 watt heater so you can set the temperature anywhere between 42℉ to 104℉. This means that you can use the Iceberg for cold water therapy, or hot water therapy!

  • Controlling your tub from various locations is made easy by connecting to from the internet.

  • With the added benefit of an underwater light, you can ensure athletes will get the cold water therapy they need after those late-night sessions!

We recognize that ensuring athletes have proper recovery will protect their body in the long run from injury. Having enough room so that everyone has access to cold water therapy when they need it is what the Iceberg is for. For a free quote please contact one of our representatives.

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