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The Icepod: The Best Individual Unit For The Home

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

The Icepod is the best individual ColdTub™ available! If you have been searching for a tub that will get you well on your way to your cold therapy dreams and can still easily fit inside your home, then this is the one!

Size The Icepod has the capacity to fit one person and measures 5′ x 2′. For the individual athlete looking to recover from an intense workout to the person who might have inflammation in their joints from arthritis, this ice plunge tub can benefit anyone. Installation Due to its size, this ice bath will easily fit through any standard-sized doorway making installation a breeze! Simply move the Icepod into whatever space you want it, and plug it into a standard 110-volt plug-in. You will find it even easier when you realize there is also absolutely no plumbing required! This ice plunge bath can be drained with a regular garden hose so you can effortlessly enjoy the numerous benefits of cold therapy, also known as “cryotherapy“. For your reference, we have even created some user-friendly videos to guide installation. Features With all of the major benefits associated with cold water therapy, you will be even more excited to know that the Icepod has numerous amazing features! You will find maintenance a breeze with ColdTub™ Pal our automated salt care system. This automated salt care system helps keep your sanitizer levels in check so you don’t have to be measuring chemicals or draining your tub constantly. Salt water provides a silkier, floating feeling, and is less harsh on your skin than traditional chemicals like chlorine. The Icepod has precise temperature control so you can set the temperature anywhere between 42℉ to 104℉. This means that you can use your Icepod for cold water therapy or hot water therapy! Pro Tip: Purchase two tubs and put them side by side for taking a cold plunge, and then a warm bath right after. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Easily control your tub with the topside control panel or through the free ColdTub™ App. Simply connect the Icepod to the internet and you can now control your temperature, light, jets, and even check on your sanitizer and pH levels from anywhere. Six jets will enhance your cold water therapy experience. After a long workout, you can sit back relax and enjoy a therapeutic massage on those achy muscles. Worried about water wastage? The Icepod is also eco-friendly! With the help of ColdTub™ Pal, you won’t need to constantly drain your tub. This is huge when we compare this to traditional ice baths which use an average of 30 gallons of water per use.

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